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Berliner Rally
Berliner Rally
Work Points2,000
Horse Power345
TypeSport, Sedan
Build Cost18,000

Australian and European rally version of the berliner. This one eat a bucket of gravel for breakfast.

This car can be used in the 1 Cash Race vs friends.

Car Stage kits

Stage kit HP Co2 Profit
Stage 1 345 180 0% 1
Stage 2 359 162 10% 10
Stage 3 374 144 25% 25
Final 389 126 50% 100

Unlocked by

Needed to unlock

  • There is nothing at the moment that requires the Berliner Rally.


  • Its livery recalls the Subaru Rally Team livery, and the car itself looks somewhat like a Subaru Impreza Rally Car.
  • on the back of the car, there are white letters which read "derp"... which is a popular internet meme ( the letters can also be seen on the berliner race car )

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