Cash Cash can be earned by doing a Race vs friends, bought in the store for money or obtained through Mystery Cards. Early in the game it can be easier to earn cash by mass producing cars in order to fill up levels of your collection.  Cash can be spent on Donuts, Workers and Mystery Cards. cash can also be spent to speed up your progress

Below are the numbers in US dollars, rounding up to the nearest dollar:

Icon Name Amount Price Cash per $1
Starter Pack 40 $3.00 13.33
Economic Pack 72 $5.00 14.4
Smart Pack 155 $10.00 15.5
Players Pack 323 $20.00 16.15
Elite Pack 887 $50.00 17.74
Prestige Pack 2295 $100.00 22.95

Periodically, the game will offer a 24 hour special deal, giving an extra 10% Cash for certain offerings. A recent deal showed: You can get $20 worth of cash at the $50 "rate" if you wait for this deal.

Icon Name Amount Price Cash per $1
Players Pack 355 $20.00 17.75
Elite Pack 975 $50.00 19.5
Prestige Pack 2524 $100.00 25.24

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