CatMobile Project is a special quest that'll come by in game message (The same message for cloud saving and special offer). The quest give you approximately 7 days to complete the quest. The quest is divide into 4 stages.

Note: Mystery Cards will also drop parts at a rate estimated of about 1 in 5, the resulting part is random though so you might not have a use for it once you've already cleared stage 2-3.

Stage 1

Objective: Build 2 Bendy Coupe

While you are building 2 Bendy, There's a chance that part of CatMobile Proto Zero to drop. Similar to how Donut, Xp and Coin drop normally.


Stage 2

CatMobile Proto Zero

A CatMobile Proto Zero

Objective: Build 1 CatMobile Proto Zero

To get parts for the CatMobile Proto Zero, build and sell Shark-E. After you sell a Shark-E you'll get random part of the CatMobile Proto Zero. Collect 1 engine, 1 frame, 1 panel and 2 wheels to unlock CatMobile Proto Zero. After you unlock the car, build it to get to the next stage.


Stage 3

CatMobile Mule

A CatMobile Mule

Objective: Build 2 CatMobile Mule

To get parts for the CatMobile Mule, build and sell CatMobile Proto Zero to customers. In this stage, selling CatMobile Proto Zero has a chance to drop Skill+ items.


  • 4 Cash
  • 25 Donut
  • 100,000 Coin

Stage 4


A CatMobile

Objective: Build 5 CatMobile

To get parts for the CatMobile, build and sell CatMobile Mule to customers.

Note: The Mule costs 35,000 WP each to build, so most players will not be able to progress beyond this point.


  • 5 Cash
  • 30 Donut
  • 4,000,000 Coin

Special Workers

Past Events

  • 26 June 2013
  • 1 May 2013

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