mein freund! I have just finished ein amazing invention! I call it Workers Crafting! Check it out!

This is ein Worker Recipe! You can see ze necessary ingredients below!

Ze darkened workers are ze ones you do no have yet! You can check ze workers' info by tapping on them!

Crafting this worker will take a while! You can check ze time before completion by tapping on the Craft button!

17 September 2015: Crafting has been updated to include different workers (it was a simple file update download, so it did not require an application update).

Rarity New Worker First Worker Second Worker Price (Coin) Time to Craft
S-Rare Motor Rex Lil Rex M0-TOR 200,000 1m25s[1]
Rare Aphrobeat Soldier Zombie Masked Zombie 144,000 1h
Rare The Guardian Wormin Mrs. Cherry 169,000 1h
Rare Pingu Jr. Mr. Booze Wormed 209,000 1h
Rare Al Terre John Juan 210,000 1h
Rare Rob Quickshot Franken Delio[2] TP-khamon 212,000 1h
Rare Harribot Woofverine Jules Jackson 222,000 1h
Rare Willy Deadeye Lexi Curry Katy Downtown 253,000 1h
Rare Harlem Queen Austin Fisher Doge Bag 263,000 1h
Rare Mascotte Mad Cat Will B. Bach 263,000 1h
Rare Lady Frenzy Tahuk Tahuk Marcel 264,000 1h
Rare Rick Cowardly Mystery Man GoalKeeper 301,000 1h
Rare Crowgrin Franken Delio Drift Sensei 333,000 1h
Rare Masta Chef Pimp Chimp Ghost CheeZ 354,000 1h
Rare Michel Braveheart Bonus Maximus JB Squirrel 356,000 1h
Rare Vin Fuel Charlie Morloph 376,000 1h
Rare Lord Bunny T-Rekt Tarantulas 402,000 1h
Rare Frosty Swaggy Major Kamikaze Billy Tornados 425,000 1h
Rare Monica Buddy Guard Sanic 425,000 1h
Rare Baron VonRoland Thorkes Pelfi 472,000 1h
Rare SuperChicken Puff Baby Red Face 554,000 1h
Rare Don Bernardo Aphrobeat Rasta Raptor 644,000 1h
Rare Dr Dino The Guardian Pingu Jr. 693,000 1h
Rare DullDevil Al Terre Rob Quickshot 716,000 1h
Rare Snoop Dragon Harribot Willy Deadeye 2,742,000 3h
S-Rare La Mort Harlem Queen Mascotte 2,742,000 3h
S-Rare Sergeant Tornados Lady Frenzy Rick Cowardly 2,754,000 3h
S-Rare Rodolph Crowgrin Masta Chef 3,051,000 3h
S-Rare Zomlouis XIV Michel Braveheart Vin Fuel 3,263,000 3h
S-Rare Hephaipster Lord Bunny Frosty Swaggy 4,054,000 3h
S-Rare Redneck Bayou Biggy Z Uranium Kid 2,810,000 3h
S-Rare Duke of Pimp Sand Raider Zork 2,853,000 3h
S-Rare Bill Swaghog Disco Fidelio Treerion Firring 2,964,000 3h
S-Rare Eva Golden Surfer Donuts Witch 3,032,000 3h
S-Rare LOLki The Greench Chicken Zombie 3,121,000 3h
S-Rare Mr. Expresso Rasta Trooper Zombie Scrooge 3,151,000 3h
S-Rare Snoop DinoDino ClumsyCat Malork 3,246,000 3h
S-Rare DJ Lucky John Lemon Golden Trooper 3,763,000 3h
S-Rare Dark CheeZ The Dragon Sir Buffalo 3,784,000 3h
S-Rare Count SWAGULA Ray Zitwan 3,884,000 3h
S-Rare Captain Condor Subject 51 Lady Pineapple 4,191,000 3h
S-Rare Lemon James Pandora El Kraken 4,309,000 3h
S-Rare Uranium Toast Tutti Fruit Polyclès 4,347,000 3h
S-Rare Kordalinge Sir Pingu El Pulpo 4,388,000 3h
S-Rare Aleks[3] Referee Mama Xmas 4,399,000 3h
S-Rare OctoLord Party God K-9 Agent 5,644,000 3h
S-Rare Lester The Prof Korkron 11,746,000 3h
S-Rare Jean Le Guedin McFlap Motor Jane 12,496,000 3h
S-Rare Lord of Pimp Rosanna Condor Redneck Bayou 12,997,000 3h
S-Rare Sir Bone Duke of Pimp Bill Swaghog 13,617,000 3h
S-Rare Moaipster Eva LOLki 13,798,000 3h
S-Rare Swagleton King Mr. Expresso Snoop DinoDino 13,798,000 3h
S-Rare Time Monster DJ Lucky Dark CheeZ 14,136,000 3h
Epic HK-9001 Count SWAGULA Captain Condor 59,738,000 12h
Epic President Coffee Lemon James Uranium Toast 60,251,000 12h
Epic Lordos Conqueros Kordalinge Aleks 65,579,000 12h

This is the old set of Craftable workers. As of 17 September 2015, it is no longer active on Android devices.

Rarity New Worker First Worker Second Worker Third Worker Fourth Worker
Common Golden Pixelator V.I.P Monster Memnarch
Common Princess Z Zombie Doc Fat CheeZ
Common Swagleton King Omen Eva Pixelator
Common Locos Tornados Crowgrin Zombie Scrooge
Common Mini Nickage Treerion Firring Chicken Zombie
Common Tutti Fruit The Guardian Harlem Queen
Common Dead John Silver Space Doge Uranium Black Loot McSwag Hell Gringo
Rare Super CatMan Capt. Marmot President Coffee Steel Punk Uranium Red
Rare E-Tron Anubeast Zombie Leon
Rare Memnarch Lord Flashy Dr. Vroom
Rare Dr. Vroom Succu Bella Insane Doge SantaBot HK-9001
Rare Lord Flashy NekoMan Lordos Conqueros Ice Cube Snowbro
Rare President Coffee Time Monster Sir Bone
Rare Hell Gringo Coolmaw Lord of Pimp
Rare Charlie Slim Cheddar Johnny Coin
Rare Franken Delio Loot McSwag Space Doge Uranium Black Hell Gringo
Rare Franken Delio Green Man (new) Prisoner Jack
Rare Sir Buffalo The Greench TheDoc
Rare Jean Le Guedin Bill Swaghog Shino Bibi Aleks
Rare Ghost CheeZ ZombieCEO Naughty Clown
Rare Marcel Wormax Prisoner Bill
Rare Lord of Pimp Morkul Duke of Pimp
Rare Uranium Black Santa Claus fidelator
Rare Bonus Maximus Johnny Banana Doge Bag
Rare Morloph Woofverine The Tiger
Rare Uranium Red Lester SnoopDuck3000
Rare Space Doge Green Devil Swagleton King
Rare Steel Punk Dr. Goodbeat Twerk Machine
Rare Tahuk Tahuk Juan Coco Modor
Rare Thorkes Wormed TP-khamon
Rare Mystery Man Lexi Curry The Snake
Rare Billy Tornados Big Zombie Karl
Rare Lord Death Puff Baby Swordus Masterus
Rare Golden Trooper Meekob Spearus Seniorus
Rare The Dragon Baron VonRoland Zork
Rare Leroy Burger Moaipster Lemon James Mr. Booze
S-Rare Loot McSwag Master Doga Jean Le Guedin
S-Rare Sergeant Tornados K-9 Agent Mama Xmas
S-Rare SnoopDuck3000 Rocko Poker Face
S-Rare Lester LOLki Mr. Expresso
S-Rare Tarantulas Michael Harbor Mr. Coffee
S-Rare Buddy Guard Austin Fisher CatMan
S-Rare fidelator Duke of Pimpwater Zomlouis XIV Blind Jack
S-Rare Santa Claus Uranium Toast Snoop Dragon Crosis
S-Rare TheDock Droid AU-79 Billy Tornados Katy Downtown
S-Rare Red Face Major Kamikaze Vilork Mystery Man
S-Rare Red Face Major Kamikaze Thorkes Mystery Man
S-Rare Meekob Porkch Charlie Bonus Maximus
S-Rare Spearus Seniorus Pelfi Tahuk Tahuk Franken Delio
S-Rare Swordus Masterus Buddy Guard Sanic Marcel Ghost CheeZ
S-Rare Korkron Lady Pineapple El Pulpo SuperChicken
S-Rare Mama Xmas Don Bernardo Ray Locos Tornados
S-Rare Porkch Mr. Ketchup Charles
S-Rare Pimp Chimp Sir Panty Tonio GoodBeat
S-Rare El Kraken Golden Surfer Sand Raider
S-Rare Polyclès Pingu Jr. Uranium Boy
S-Rare Ray Willy Deadeye Aphrobeat
S-Rare Lady Pineapple Frosty Swaggy Biggy Z
S-Rare Sir Pingu Disco Fidelio Rasta Trooper
S-Rare Zitwan Rick Cowardly Uranium Kid
S-Rare Subject 51 Lord Death Golden Trooper
S-Rare Baron VonRoland Red Face TheDock
S-Rare Motor Jones Rakdos Rodolph
S-Rare Sir Bone La Mort Vilork
S-Rare Capt. Marmot Motor Jones Worker Zoe
S-Rare Master Doga Count SWAGULA MC Konga Captain Condor
S-Rare Pelfi Sir Swagalry Franken Delio
S-Rare Pelfi Droid AG-47 Sir Swagalry
S-Rare Don Bernardo Rasta Raptor Al Terre
S-Rare SuperChicken Malork Jean Le Fou
S-Rare Twerk Machine Redneck Bayou Omnath
S-Rare Green Devil ZeusDoc Sergeant Tornados Gorkoz
S-Rare ZeusDoc McFlap Motor Jane
S-Rare Pandora Lord Bunny ClumsyCat
S-Rare El Pulpo Monica Scary Mike
S-Rare Motor Jane Mini Nickage Sir Buffalo Zitwan
S-Rare Gorkoz Korkron Party God
S-Rare Zoe Kordalinge Michelle
Epic Puff Baby Pimp Chimp Tarantulas Morloph
Epic Time Monster DJ Lucky Larry Jones
Epic McFlap Subject 51 Pandora The Dragon
Epic K-9 Agent El Kraken Sir Pingu Tutti Fruit
Epic Coolmaw hephaipster OctoLord
Legend Party God rosanna Polyclès
Legend Dr. Goodbeat Kazuul Rorkar
Legend V.I.P Monster Dead John Silver[4] Super CatMan
Legend Half-Red K-9 Agent Naughty Clown Rasta Ghul
  1. This is subject to change, as it seems to be a very quick turn for a S-Rare crafted worker
  2. The coding says this should be ZombieCEO, but my game shows it as Franken Delio
  3. Listed as mage
  4. This is the crafted version of Dead John Silver, the captured version (deadJohnSilver) does not work

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