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Devil MACH 1
Devil MACH 1
Work Points3,500
Horse Power2,430
TypeSuper Car
Build Cost180,000

Land speed record version of a Green Devil. It can reach MACH 1 if the road is long enough. Street Legal of course.

Car Stage kits

Stage kit HP Co2 Profit
Stage 1 2,430 180 0% 1
Stage 2 2,486 162 10% 10
Stage 3 2,542 144 25% 25
Final 2,598 126 50% 100

Strong Workers

Worker WP/Min % Stamina % Quality % Speed %
Uranium Boy 300 300 200 400

Unlocked by

Needed to unlock

  • None


  • Even though the game says it is a modified Green Devil, its paintscheme actually seems taken directly from the Legran Barchetta. The white livery with red touches and the name 'Mach 1' could also recall the popular anime, manga and (more recently) movie Speed Racer in which the main character's car, the Mach 5, has a similar paintscheme.

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