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Devorok Dino Park
Devorok Dino Park
Work Points1,500
Horse Power120
Build Cost2,800

Going to an uncharted island ? Want to move unoticed by the local fauna ? You could use this car then.

Car Stage kits

Stage kit HP Co2 Profit
Stage 1 120 120 0% 1
Stage 2 139 108 10% 10
Stage 3 159 96 25% 25
Final 179 84 50% 100

Strong Workers

Worker WP/Min % Stamina % Quality % Speed %
Katy Downtown 250 250 250 400
Rasta Raptor 300 300 300 400
McFlap 200 200 200 400
Fidelator 250 250 250 400

Unlocked by

Needed to unlock

  • There is nothing at the moment that requires the Devorok Dino Park.


  • This car looks like the safari jeeps used in the movie Jurassic Park, hence the description and the name.
  • Basically a Devorok Full with an offroad body kit. Shares its power and CO2 values with the Devorok Full Hybrid, even though this is a petrol-fueled V6 and the other a hybrid V4.

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