Donuts restore Stamina to your workers, or you can feed 3 donuts at a time to boost their XP. Eventually they will level up and all Stats will improve. Including Quality, Speed, WP and max Stamina.

Also, they may come as Items and come from Mystery Cards.

Donuts regenerate at a speed of 1 per 5 minutes, and you can also permanently boost the max number of donuts you can store for a small fee in Coin, and after 3 levels using Cash.

Other ways to earn donuts are:

  • Win a Race against a Friend
  • Complete a car for the first time.
  • Referral bonus.
  • Random event to find a npc.
  • Watch News (if your company is mentioned you'll get some Donut and Reputation).
  • Get some from fans

Refill cost

For some Coin (or Cash after the first few purchases) you can buy an instant bar refill and increase the maximum donuts from 30 to 31, 32, and beyond.

  • 31: 1,500 Coin
  • 32: 2,000 Coin
  • 33: 3,000 Coin
  • 34: 1 Cash
  • 35: 2 Cash
  • 36: 4 Cash
  • 37: 5 Cash
  • 38: 7 Cash
  • 39: 10 Cash
  • 40: 15 Cash
  • 41: 20 Cash
  • 42: 25 Cash
  • 43: 30 Cash
  • 44: 35 Cash
  • 45: 40 Cash
  • 46 and above: 45 Cash

It's recommended to buy up to a 35 donut limit as soon as you're able to afford it, since this will improve your morning ritual by that much. Generally the "packs" are considered to be not worthwhile due to the lack of permanent bonuses.

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