French Riviera
Celebrate the history of cars as you discover classic vehicular masterpieces! Collect Car Nuts to unlock parts and progress through the Event and unlock 5 exclusive vehicles! Compete to win up to 3500 Cash and 3500 Donuts!

Cars are great for so many things! Driving, racing, fighting but they also are a work of art! And today is the day of the opening of the Motor World Car Museum exposing the classiest cars ever made! How about we contribute to this museum with our own masterpieces?

Stage 1: Mission #1

French Riviera - Stage 1
Collectors all around the world are crazy bout Car Nuts! Maybe it will give us a ticket to enter?

Objective: Collect Golden Ticket

Build and sell some Bendy Coupe to get Car Nuts.
French Riviera - Stage 1 Item

Purchase Golden Ticket for 1 Car Nut


Stage 2: Mission #2

French Riviera - Stage 2
We're in! Now its time to provide the audience with some Bendy Proto-Zero!

Objective: Build and Donate 2 Bendy Proto Zero


Stage 3: Mission #3

French Riviera - Stage 3
What better way to show off than to pay homage to the Golden Twenties? Veterans will love this magnificent memory!

Objective: Build and Donate 2 Great Catsbys


Stage 4: Mission #4

French Riviera - Stage 4
Jean Le Fou himself shed a tear with the last exposition! He suggested that the next car we offer shoud be a Cabriolet.

Objective: Build and Donate 2 Classy Cabriolet

Build and sell some Great Catsby to get Car Nuts.

Use 100 Car Nuts to get parts for Classy Cabriolet.

  • 4 engine
  • 2 frame
  • 3 panel
  • 1 wheels


  • 5 Cash
  • 10 Donut
  • 200.000 Coin
  • 2 Mystery Cards

Stage 5: Mission #5

French Riviera Stage 5

Enough with the appetizers! Now is the time for the main course, you hear me? True class incoming!

Objective: Build and Donate 2 HighKnock

Build and sell some Classy Cabriolet to get Car Nuts.

Use 300 Car Nuts to get parts for HighKnock.


  • 7 Cash
  • 10 Donut
  • 200.000 Coin
  • 5 Mystery Cards

Final Stage: Mission #6

French Riviera - Final Stage
Nostalgia is fun and all, but modern cars too can be beautiful! Doesn't this one look dashing?

Objective: Build and Donate 5 The Dasher

Use 1000 Car Nuts to get parts for The Dasher.


Mega Battle: Mission #7

French Riviera - Mega Battle
Even those grumpy old men love the Dasher! They want to see much more of it!

Objective: Build and Donate more Dashers

Mega Rewards

Rewards: 10 to 3,500 Cash and 100 to 3,500 Donut depending on rank.

With the event on 11/18/2015, the reward structure is different. Instead of getting rewarded based on the rank compared to other players, the rewards are entirely about how many cars the individual player has built. Each car built yields one point.

Point level Cash Donuts
720 3000 1000
360 1500 500
120 500 300
60 250 300
20 60 100
10 30 50
5 10 15

Special Workers

Past Events

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