Frisky Rescue - All
After Santa Claus has been kidnapped, Mama Xmas left to search for him… And now she needs to help to be rescued from her frozen mansion!

After Santa Claus has been kidnapped, Mama Xmas left to search from him And sent a message for help to the faithful Pelfi! He is ready to do everything to save Mama Xmas and we're gonna help! Things are going to get chilly!

Step #1

Pelfi needs our help! Let's get to him ASAP!

Objective: Build and Donate 1 Bendy Turbos


  • 1 Try Worker for 1 Hour (Pelfi)

Step #2

The road ahead is dangerous to go through with this snowstorm We could use some muscle!

Objective: Build and Donate 2 Road Muscles


  • Cash
  • 10 Donut
  • 20,000 Coin

Step #3

For some reason, Pelfi wants to stop to collect leaves What does he have in mind?thumb|155px|link=File:Step_3_Items.png

Objective: Build and Donate 2 Green Panthers

Build Road Muscle to spawn golden mystery cards. Collect 5 Holly and 3 Pine Tree from golden mystery cards to unlock Green Panther


Burn Baby Burn

We finally reached the frozen castle, but it is crumbling! We need to get out of here quickly!

Objective: Build and Donate 8 Big Tonys

Build and sell some Green Panther to collect parts for Big Tony.

  • 1 engine
  • 1 frame
  • 1 panel
  • 2 wheels


  • 10 Cash
  • 10 Donut
  • 100,000 Coin
  • 1 Mystery Card

Feeding Time

We're out of the castle but we need more forest items for the Mama Xmas' cake!

Objective: Build and Donate 7 Rocket Monsters


  • 20 Cash
  • 30 Donut
  • 1 Mystery Card

Bake The Cake

This is no place to properly cook! How about we get something a bit bigger?

Objective: Build and Donate 5 Cookster

Build and sell some Rocket Monster to collect parts for Cookster. You can also use Parts Machine to loot Cookster Parts (100 Cash per spin).

  • 1 engine
  • 2 frame
  • 2 panel
  • 3 wheels


Mega Battle

We need more Cooksters to improve the cake! We're done when Mama Xmas says we're done!

Objective: Build and Donate more Cookster

Mega Rewards

Prior to update 1.74: Rewards: 30 to 3,500 Cash and 100 to 2,000 Donut depending on rank.

Beginning in update 1.74, the reward structure is different. Instead of getting rewarded based on the rank compared to other players, the rewards are entirely about how much the individual player has accomplished.

Cooksters Cash Donuts
3000 3000 Cash 3000 Donut
2250 2000 Cash 2000 Donut
1250 1000 Cash 2000 Donut
750 500 Cash 1000 Donut
300 150 Cash 200 Donut
120 80 Cash 100 Donut
36 40 Cash 50 Donut
5 10 Cash 15 Donut

Special Workers

Past Events

  • December 7, 2014
  • December 18, 2015
  • December 13, 2016

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