thumb|275px|link=Thanksgiving is coming soon and everybody is going to celebrate except Zombie Joe! Time to teach him the true meaning of love! Can you unthaw his frozen, undead heart?

Mission #1

Ghost of Christmas - Mission 1
If we're going to visit Zombie Joe, we're going to need a vehicle! Devorok should do the trick.

Objective: Build and donate 2 Devorok SUV


Mission #2

Ghost of Christmas - Mission 2
Oh no! It seems Zombie Joe is struggling against sad memories we should help him!

Objective: Win 3 battles in a row.

Fight: Ghosts from the past (4 Donut).


Mission #3

Ghost of Christmas - Mission 3
The Ghost of Fat Cheez wants to help Zombie Joe feel happiness again! Let's assist with some items!
Ghost of Christmas - Mission 3 Items


  • Collect 5 Fairy Lights
  • Collect 3 Gold Stars

Fight: Scrooge's Dark Side (6 Donut). Loot: Fairy Light, Gold Star.


Mission #4

Ghost of Christmas - Mission 4 and 5
We can show Zombie Joe the world or atleast the neighborhood. We need a vehicle that can travel in winter!

Objective: Build and Donate 5 Snow Mobile


  • Cash
  • 10 Donut
  • 200,000 Coin
  • 2 Mystery Cards

Mission #5

Ghost of Christmas - Mission 4 and 5
La Mort won't have it, and wants to ruin Zombie Joe's future! Not today!

Objective: Win 5 battles in a row

Fight: Death from above (8 Donut).


  • Cash
  • 15 Donut
  • 200,000 Coin
  • 3 Mystery Cards

Mission #6

Ghost of Christmas - Mission 6 and 7
Zombie Joe feels lively again! Now we need to obtain items to get in our Thanksgiving mood!
Ghost of Christmas - Mission 6 Items
  • Collect 7 Pine Trees
  • Collect 5 Yule
  • Collect 6 Turkey
  • Collect 6 Teddy Bear


Note: The Green Devil is captureable in this stage

Mission #7

Ghost of Christmas - Mission 6 and 7
La Mort donated her car so we could unlock the ancient secret beverage of happiness! Let's collect some!

Objective: Collect 8 Green Potion

Sell Ghost Mobile to (randomly) drop a Green Potion.


Mission #8

Ghost of Christmas - Mission 8
Hmm This is some good stuff! WE NEED MORE! And happy Thanksgiving!

Objective: Keep collecting Green "Potions"

Mega Rewards

Rewards prior to update 1.74: Rewards: ?? to 3,500 Cash depending on rank. Rank 1st-10th get legend worker Green Devil

Beginning in update 1.74, the reward structure is different. Instead of getting rewarded based on the rank compared to other players, the rewards are entirely about how many cars the individual player has built. The event rewards do not always match your rewards show in the quest. Your rewards are shown in parenthesis.

Potions Cash Donuts Worker
840 3500 Cash 2000 (1000) Donut Green Devil
420 1000 (1500) Cash 2000 (500) Donut
180 500 (500) Cash 1000 (300) Donut
90 150 (250) Cash 200 (300) Donut
32 80 (60) Cash 100 Donut
16 40 (30) Cash 50 Donut
8 10 Cash 15 Donut

Bonus Battle

Ghost of Christmas - Main
Invades attack on Cyber Monday ! We must repel them ! Maybe we can convince some of htem to work for us ...

Fight: Cyber Monday Bonus (6 Donut). Loot: 1 time reward of 7 Mystery Cards

Chance to capture Space CowboyMasta ChefTwerk MachinePixelator, Golden Pixelator. Not listed but capturable were Fidelator and MC Konga

(Bonus battle was not present in event of November, 2015)

Special Workers

Past Events

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