Were you looking for Green Devil the Worker?

Green Devil
Green Devil
Work Points20,000
Horse Power1,240
TypeSuper Car
Build Cost30,000

Congratulations, this car is ULTRA COLLECTOR. It runs on URANIUM. (and not your anium... )

This car can be used in the 2 Cash Race vs friends.

Car Stage kits

Stage kit HP Co2 Profit
Stage 1 1,240 50 0% 1
Stage 2 1,276 45 10% 10
Stage 3 1,312 40 25% 25
Final 1,348 35 50% 100

Strong Workers

Worker WP/Min % Stamina % Quality % Speed %
Green Man 200 200 200 600
Green Man (New) 200 200 200 600

Unlocked by

Needed to unlock


  • Basically a differently-skinned, more powerful, all-wheel-driven Legran Stradale. Or perhaps (and it's kind of the same thing) a road-going version of either the Legran GT24 or the Legran GT12.
  • This car is the hardest to find in Mystery cards: its card is marked as 'S LEGEND'.

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