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Green Mangust
Green Mangust
Work Points150,000
Horse Power1,260
TypeSport, Sedan
Build Cost3,500,000

This car is only owned by the ELITE. It runs on pure snake venom and will paralyze you if you touch it.

This car can be used in the 2 Cash Race vs friends.

Car Stage kits

Stage kit HP Co2 Profit
Stage 1 1,260 110 0% 1
Stage 2 1,322 99 10% 10
Stage 3 1,385 88 25% 25
Final 1,448 77 50% 100

Strong Workers

Worker WP/Min % Stamina % Quality % Speed %
Uranium Boy 200 200 200 300
El Pulpo 200 200 200 400

Unlocked by

Needed to unlock

  • None


  • Just like Snake Head, this car contains a pun in its name. Since this one is just a recoloured and more powerful Snake Head, it looks like a Shelby Mustang too. And the word Mangust is just an anagram of Mustang.

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