HAMMER Academy
The town is under attack! All the villains in Motor World wants to take over the planet, but the valiant heroes of HAMMER Academy won't let them have their way!

You've got to stop them

Stage #1 - Heroes Assemble!


Lackeys have been swarming through the city! Clean them out!

Objective: Win the fight (3 Donut). Foe you can fight: LackeyPrisoner Jack

Reward: 5,000 Coin


MWPD need reinforcement ! Build 3 Berliner Police !

Reward: 1 Mystery Card


Defeat Red Face and his forces will be lost!

Objective: Win the fight (9 Donut). Foe you can fight: Red Face Reward: KEY

Awesome Reward:

  • 10,000 Coin
  • Cash

Stage #2 - Joke's on You


Some Clowns have been trying to steal The Doc's inventions! Stop them!

Objective: Win the fight (5 Donut). Foe you can fight: Naughty ClownMystery Man

Reward: 1 Mystery Card


MWPD need reinforcement ! Build 3 Tank FOX ONE !

Reward: 50,000 Coin


Time to put an end to Poker Face's plans once and for all!

Objective: Win the fight (5 Donut). Foe you can fight: LOLkiOctoLordPoker Face

Awesome Reward:

Stage #3 - Machines, Arise!


We've been ambushed by machines! Pound them into scrap!

Objective: Win the fight (8 Donut). Foe you can fight: SnoopDuck3000

Reward: 500,000 Coin


Build Golfette to collect some EMP ! Objective: Collect 5 EMP

After selling a Golfette, a Golden Mystery Card may drop, which contains the EMP. Not every Golfette will give a card, so you will likely have to build more than 5.

Reward: 2 Mystery Cards


Steel Punk uses his magnetic powers... to turn the machines against us?!

Objective: Win the fight 5 times (12 Donut). Foe you can fight: HK-9001Steel PunkHammer Man Reward: KEY

Awesome Reward:

Stage #4 - The Invasion


The Machines are still working! Do they have other masters?

Objective: Win the fight (12 Donut). Foe you can fight: Twerk Machine

Reward: 2 Mystery Cards


Build Army Bug to collect some Magic Stone ! Objective: Collect 5 Magic Stone

Reward: 2 Mystery Cards


E-Tron is the mastermind and overlord of those machines. Shut him down and this war is over!

Awesome Reward:

Mega Battle: World Domination

Same as above

Mega Rewards:

Past Events

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