Haunted School

Note: You could get 4 specials Worker which are highly specialized in Haunted vehicles. By ending at 1-10th place you could win Time Monster.

Stage 1

The Haunted School just opened. All the students have disappeared...Something spooky is going on...
Haunted School - Stage 1 Items



Stage 2

The gates of hell were opened by the Donuts Witch, prepare a potion to close it ! Target:

  • Build and sell Blue Devil to collect magical items. (From Golden Mystery Cards)
  • Collect: 5 Candies
  • Collect: 3 Bones
  • Collect: 1 Rat's Eyes


Stage 3

The Eyes of the Devil are on you. Prepare a cloack potion to lure him ! Target:

  • Build and sell Ghost Hunter to collect magical items. (From Golden Mystery Cards)
  • Collect: 8 Toilet Papers
  • Collect: 5 Spiders
  • Collect: 2 Cauldron
  • Collect: 1 Bat


Stage 4

Can you beat Count SWAGULA the SCHOOL VAMPIRE ? Show him your true power and save the students!

Haunted School - Final Stage Item


  • Build and sell Rocket Monster to collect Lost souls
  • Collect 30 lost souls


  • 15 Cash
  • 25 Donut
  • 10,000,000 Coin

Special Workers

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