Welcome to the Jurrasic Parking! This whole new parking is located right next to dinosaur terroritory,  and we've been invited to visit!

Let's just hope the dinosaurs won't mind

Welcome to Jurassic Parking

We've been invited to the Jurassic Parking, but we need a way to go there!

Objective: Build 3 Devorok Suv


  • 3 Cash
  • 3 Donut
  • 10,000 Coin

Spared No Expense

If you thought the parking looked nice, wait until you see the dinosaurs! Let's go see them.

Objective: Build and donate 1 Van-o-saurus

Method: Build and sell Devorok Suv to collect parts


  • 5 Cash
  • 5 Donut
  • 20,000 Coin

Eye For An Eye


The managers warned us about dinos spitting venom, so we should probably take some eye protection!

Objective: Collect 3 protective glasses

Method: Build 2 Van-o-saurus to unlock the race

Stolen from the Labs

Round 1

You VS Security Scientists

Cars used in race:


Clever Girls


The Raptors' are trying to escape! We need to bait them before it's too late!

Objective: Collect 4 Dino Snacks

Method: Build 1 Jeeptor to unlock challenge



Dino Rampage


It seems dinosaurs are on the loose. Our priority is to locate survivors and regroup!

Objective: Collect 6 Flares

Method: Build 3 Dino Mobile to unlock the Battle



To The Rescue


Now that we've gathered all survivors, we need to call for rescue! The sooner we get them off the parking, the better!

Objective: Collect 6 Dino Phones

Method: Build 3 Jurassic Bulk to unlock the Battle

Battle Cost: 15 Donut





After careful consideration, we decided not to endorse the parking! But we could always use some raptor workers

Objective: Collect 6 Raptor Eggs

Method: Build 3 Velociraptruck to unlock the Battle


Battle Cost: 20 Donut



The more eggs we take, the more powerful raptors we can train! Nut their mommies are angry

Objective: Collect more Raptor Eggs

Method: Build 3 Velociraptruck to unlock the Battle

Mega Rewards

Rank Cash Donuts
1-5 6000 Cash 4000 Donut
6-10 1000 Cash 750 Donut
11-50 500 Cash 500 Donut
51-100 200 Cash 200 Donut
101-150 150 Cash 100 Donut
151-200 125 Cash 100 Donut

Bonus Quest

100% Chances to get An Awesome Worker If You Win The Battle

Cost: 5 Donut

Reward: Mr. Booze

Special Workers

Event Cars

Past Events

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