Kanye Zest
Kanye Zest
Hire CostPrize
Work Force72,480
I’m really happy for you Fat CheeZ, and imma let you finish, but Kanye Zest is the best rapper of all time! OF ALL TIME!

Strong +:

Car WP/Min % Stamina % Quality % Speed %
Sunny Race School 300 200 200 200
Fire Muscle 200 200 300 200
Lagoon Drift 200 300 200 200
Oxygen 300 300 400 400
Level Quality WP/Min Speed Stamina
1 400 5,000 400 5,000
11 600 8,000 600 8,000

Crafted by

  • n/a

Needed to craft

  • n/a


  • Can be won as a prize for ranking 1st-10th during the 24H of LeMonade event.
  • Can be won as a prize for finishing in the top reward tier of Fat & Vicious event.

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