Kart Mania - Main

The birds are singing and the motors are roaring, it's racing time! Join the race as a sponsor to increase your brand presence and prove that your new exclusive karts are the best racecars ever made! !

1 - Kart Attack

Leroy Burger: Hellooooooo lovelies! It has been too long since our last Kart competition, hasn't it? But don’t worry, there’s one coming just for you!

Objective: Build and Donate 2 Bendy Coupe


  • 2 Cash
  • 5 Donut
  • 10,000 Coin

For 2nd event:

  • 1 Cash
  • 5 Donut
  • 10,000 Coin

2 - Race to Win

Leroy Burger: I don’t need to explain the rules, do I? Build your best karts and race with them! Win enough time and you might be worthy of challenging me!

Objective: Build and Donate 1 Fly kart


  • 2 Cash
  • 10 Donut
  • 20,000 Coin

3 - First Race

Panda Chow: My people have been taken for granted for too long! Now is the time for vengeance!

Objective: Build and Donate 2 Wasp Kart


  • 5 Cash
  • 15 Donut
  • 150,000 Coin

4 - Keep it Up

Leroy Burger: Woooooonderful! Those races you won were absolutely fabulous!! But don’t think you’ve won just yet sweetheart!!

Objective: Build and Donate 5 Butterfly Kart


  • 10 Cash
  • 20 Donut

5 - Road Revolution

Mega Koolpa: Out of my way, peasant! Once I defeat you I’ll be able to challenge Leroy Burger and become the New King!

Objective: Build and Donate 7 Dragonfly Kart


6 - Kart-Astrophe

Leroy Burger: To the garbage dump with this silly lizard! Say, this kart of yours, could you make it even better?

Objective: Build and Donate 9 Golfette


  • 15 Cash
  • 30 Donut

7 - Top Tier Kart

Objective: Build and Donate 10 Buggy Karts

Build and sell some Golfettes to get parts for Buggy Kart.

  • 1 engine
  • 2 frame
  • 3 panel
  • 4 wheels


  • 25 Cash
  • 35 Donut

Mega Battle

Forget about this competition! The world needs more beautiful karts!

Objective: Build and Donate more Buggy Karts

Mega Rewards

Rank Cash Donuts Bonus
1st 3500 Cash 3500 Donut Mega Koolpa
2nd 2000 Cash 1000 Donut Mega Koolpa
3rd 1000 Cash 500 Donut Mega Koolpa
4-10 500 Cash 250 Donut Mega Koolpa
11-50 200 Cash 100 Donut n/a
51-100 100 Cash 100 Donut n/a
101-200 50 Cash 100 Donut n/a

Unlockable Cars

Special Workers

Past Events

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