Stage 1: Year 2014

Lost in Time - Main

Help me ! You're my only hope ! I'm being taken somewhere... no... some ages !

Objective: Build and donate 1 Devorok SUV


  • Cash
  • Donut
  • 5,000 Coin

Stage 2: Year 1884

Lost in Time - Stage 2

The ancestor of Locos Tornados is welcoming you with a spit on your face... Let's not stay around too long !

Objective: Build and Donate 1 Western Express

Build and sell some Devorok SUV to get parts for Western Express.


  • Cash
  • Donut
  • 15,000 Coin

Stage 3: Year 1964

Lost in Time - Stage 3

It's the 60's ! Is it TheDoc dancing ? Still no trace of Rosanna... Let's move out before the groove capture your soul !

Objective: Build and donate 2 Soul Train

Build and sell some Western Express to get parts for Soul Train.


  • 12 Cash
  • 30 Donut
  • 50,000 Coin

Stage 4: Year 2044

Lost in Time - Stage 5

This is the future if Rosanna is not quickly found, let's go back before she was kidnapped and stop it all !

Objective: Build and Donate 5 Future Express

Build and sell some Soul Train to get parts for Future Express.


Stage 5:Year 2014 ????

Lost in Time - Stage 4

How exactly did the Zombie apocalypse happen? No idea but it's our fault and we need to clean up!

Objective: Build and Donate 3 ZFC Express


Mega Battle

Objective: Build and Donate more ZFC Express

Mega Rewards


Rank Cash Donuts Bonus
1st 6000 Cash 3000 Donut Morphelio
2-5 2000 Cash 2000 Donut Morphelio
6-10 1000 Cash 1000 Donut Morphelio
11-30 500 Cash 500 Donut
31-50 300 Cash 500 Donut
51-150 150 Cash 300 Donut
151-300 80 Cash 100 Donut
301-500 40 Cash 100 Donut

Bonus Quest

Note: This quest may not appear until 2 days remain or until the main Event is completed, and may not appear at all

Build the following cars to win Capture Balls and Mystery Cards.

Stage 1

Western Express, 1 Future Express, 1 Soul Train, 1 ZFC Express


Stage 2

Western Express, 5 Future Express, 5 Soul Train, 5 ZFC Express


Stage 3

15 Western Express, 15 Future Express, 15 Soul Train, 15 ZFC Express


Special Workers

Cars To Unlock

Past Events

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