The Motor World gangs are at war and you need to pacify them! Go visit each gang and earn their respect to succeed!

Welcome in da Hood

Slim Cheddar: You wanna mess with the big boys eh? As you wish! But don't blame me if you end up like my mom's spaghetti..

Objective: Build 1 Berliner Donk


  • 10k Coin
  • 5 Donut
  • 1 Blueprint (Frame)

All I Do is Win Win Win

Eazy Peazy: You wanna race against me? I'm the king of these streets! Beatin' you will be easy EAZY PEAZY!

Objective: Win a race to collect 1 Shades

Cars Available:



Fatal B: Hey friend! Do you mind getting me some wheels to roll? My mom won't let me use her car anymore..

Objective: Build 2 Legran Barchetta


  • 30k Coin
  • 3 Cash
  • 1 Relic
  • 1 Blueprint (Rear Panel)

Blood on the Cents

50 Bucks: Wanna fight me? Fight these tears! I'm not messin' around with punks like you!

Objective: Win battles to collect 3 Guns

6 Donut each battle


  • 3 Cash
  • 10 Donut
  • 1 Blueprint (Front Panel)
  • Bro R (Free for 30 minutes. purchase for 50 Cash)

All That Shines

Bro R: Yo brother! You managed to impress me just now, so I'll help you for 30 minutes! Better use them well!

Objective: Build 1 Shining Greaser

Unlock the Shining Greaser by building and selling Legran Barchettas


  • 10 Cash
  • 15 Donut
  • 1 Blueprint (Roof Panel)

You Guessed it

Bro R: Yo man, mind giving me a car as hot as my mixtape? This is some notoriously big car I'm asking for!

Objective: Build 2 Flameroller


Ridin Dirty

6 Packs: They see me rollin, they hatin'! Think you can beat the king of the road?

Objective: Race to collect 3 Pimp Cane

Available Cars:


Ice Ice Baby

Ice Cube: Woaw man, this flame car' is' 'too hot for me! Think you could make me something more 'chill?

Objective: Build 3 Bass Tub


  • 15 Cash
  • 20 Donut
  • 2 Relics
  • 1 Blueprint (Rear Wheel)

Snoop Squad

Snoop DinoDino: Me and my friend Snoop Dragon heard about you, and we're gonna make you smoke lead everyday!

Objective: Win battles to collect 6 Gold Chain

8 Donut each battle


  • 20 Cash
  • 30 Donut
  • 1 Blueprint (Front Wheel)

Kind of the Hood

MackleMutt: Yo dawg, I heard you liked swag, so let's put some swag in your swag so you can be swaggy while you swag! Geddit?

Objective: Build 6 Pimp King


  • 30 Cash
  • 30 Donut
  • 1 Blueprint (Key on Roof)

Mega Battle: Emperor of the Hood

MackleMutt: Dawg, you just became the top dawg around here! It was a good day, but the party ain't over yet!

Objective: Build more Pimp King

Mega Rewards

Rank Cash Donuts Bonus
1st 4,000 Cash 2,000 Donut MackleMutt
2-5 2,000 Cash 2,000 Donut MackleMutt
6-10 1,000 Cash 2,000 Donut
11-20 500 Cash 1,000 Donut
21-50 300 Cash 500 Donut
51-100 150 Cash 200 Donut
101-150 80 Cash 100 Donut
151-200 40 Cash 50 Donut

Special Workers

Event Cars

Past Events

  • January 11, 2018
  • September 25, 2015
  • January 12, 2016
  • July 18, 2016
  • November 30, 2016
  • February 08, 2017
  • March 30, 2017
  • June 01, 2017