Stage 1 : The Golden Temple

Motor Jones found an old map locating a golden temple in the Motozonia forest. Let's prepare the expedition ! We need Devorok SUVs !

Objective: Build and donate 3 Devorok SUVs.


  • Cash
  • Donut
  • 25,000 Coin

Stage 2 : The Jungle

We can't go forward anymore, there are rocks everywhere ! We need Crane Trucks to clean up the road or we will never find this temple !

Objective: Build and donate 3 Crane Trucks

To unlock the Crane Truck, build and donate Devorok SUVs, which will randomly drop parts.


  • 10 Cash
  • 10 Donut
  • 250,000 Coin

Stage 3 : Under Our Feet

The temple should be there, but it isn't... That can only mean one thing : it is buried ! Everybody grab a shovel, get some Giant Trucks !

Objective: Build and donate 3 Giant Trucks

To unlock the Giant Truck, build and donate Crane Trucks, which will randomly drop parts.


  • 15 Cash
  • 20 Donut
  • 200000 Coin

Stage 4 : Zombie Alert

Zombies, zombies everywhere! The temple was in fact an alien ship armed with a huge zombificator beam! Let's build Steam Rollers to crush them!

Objective: Build and donate 10 Steam Rollers.

To unlock the Steam Roller, build and donate Giant Truck, which will randomly drop parts.

Note: The Giant Truck initially costed 40,000 WP each to build but as of 18/01/14, it now costs 35,000 WP each. Also it can now be 'sold' instead of 'donated'. So now you get Experience and Coins for each sale.


  • 20 Cash
  • 40 Donut
  • 4M Coin

Megabattle : Mashed Zombies

Zombies are fleeing in every sense ! Undead invasion is not covered by my insurance, we have to crush them all ! More Steam Rollers !

Objective: Build and donate more Steam Rollers.

Keep donating Steam Rollers to increase your rank and get mega rewards !


  • 20 to 4,000 Cash and 100 to 2,000 Donut, depending on rank.

Speed Bonus

If you complete the event before Day 3, you will unlock Wild Rider

Special Workers

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