Project 2015 - All

Story: 2015 is soon! Everyone is already celebrating but Mr. Coffee went missing after last night's party! We need to find him before something bad happens!

Going Out Where ?

First, we're going to need a car to travel around a Berliner Wagon should do.

Objective: Build and donate 1 Berliner Wagon


  • Cash
  • Donut
  • 5,000 Coin

Baby's Got Our Back

A baby we found on the couch says he might have some information but only if we feed him ice cream!

Objective: Build and donate 5 Vessel Ice Cream


Highway to Help

Apparently Mr. Coffee has been leaving some of his stuff on the road We need to pick it up before curious tourists can!
Project 2015 - 3 Items

Objective: Collect Mr Coffee's stuff !

Race: Ice Ice Baby. Loot: Mr Coffe's Stuff

Cars Available:


Casino Swag Y'all

It seems Fat Cheez won a very expensive car last night in a casino! Should we try our luck there?
Project 2015 - 4 Items

Objective: Win Swag Item !

Build and sell some Gold Tycoon to get items.


The Raptor Shaman

With all the money we won, we were able to ask Rasta Raptor to help us explore our memories, but he needs some very specific ingredients!
Project 2015 - 5 Items

Objective: Find Spiritual Items !

Build and sell some Soul Van to get items.


  • 15 Cash
  • 15 Donut


Rasta Raptor has sent us to explore ourown consciousness but the consciousness fights back!
Project 2015 - 6 Items

Objective: Discover your past in battle !

Fight: Spiritual Quest (10 Donut). Loot: Memories.


Villains in Paris

It all makes sense now! Mr. Coffee flew to Paris and got arrested there! We need to bust him out!

Objective: Build and donate 20 Cop Enforcer


Mega Battle


Objective: Build and donate more Cop Enforcer

Rewards: 20 to 6,000 Cash and 100 to 3,000 Donut depending on rank.

New Year Rewards

Get Chips to win awesome Free New Year Rewards! You can get them in the event Project 2015 or in the New Year Bonus Store (20 Cash per spin). They will count for your Chip Meter. Every time you complete a chip meter, you get a Better Reward. Look how crazy they can be!

Reward # Chip Meter Reward
1 3 Mystery Cards
2 7 Mystery Cards
3 15 1 Mystery Ball
4 30 Mr. Ketchup
5 50 1 Hypno Ball
6 75 Rasta Raptor
7 150 1 Golden Ball
8 225 Lady Pineapple
9 300 Lester
10 750 Hell Gringo

Special Workers

Past Events

  • None.

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