Story: 2016 is soon! Everyone is already celebrating but Mr. Coffee went missing after last night's party! We need to find him before something bad happens!

Going Out Where ?

Err, mein freund, I don't remember what happened yesterday! Ve need to find Mr. Coffee and fast!

Objective: Build and donate 1 Berliner Wagon


Baby's Got Our Back

WAAH! WAAH! You meanies stole my ice-cream yesterday! You better give it back!

Objective: Build and donate 5 Vessel Ice Cream


Highway to Help

Hey, I think I found some of Mr. Coffee's stuff! We should probably pick it up before others do!
Project 2015 - 3 Items

Objective: Collect Mr. Coffee's stuff:

  • 4x Boxing Gloves
  • 2x Coffee Belt

Win race to collect items. Race: Ice Ice Baby. Loot: Mr. Coffee's Stuff

Cars Available:


Casino Swag Y'all

DUDE! Seems like I won a car yesterday in the casino! Whaddya say we go check out there?
Project 2015 - 4 Items

Objective: Collect items:

  • 5x Casino chips
  • 3x Loaded dices
  • 1x Cards

Build and sell some Gold Tycoons to get items.


The Raptor Shaman

So you say you lost your memories? I can help with that! . . . Provided you can pay me of course!
Project 2015 - 5 Items

Objective: Find Spiritual Items:

  • 8x Fire Totem
  • 4x Peace Pipe
  • 2x Dino Snacks

Build and sell some Soul Van to get items.


  • 15 Cash
  • 15 Donut


You wanna know what happened yesterday? Okay, here's your answer: PARTY FOREVER!!
Project 2015 - 6 Items

Objective: Discover your past in battle !

Fight: Spiritual Quest (10 Donut). Loot: Memories.


  • 12x Plane ticket
  • 6x Hyperactive sode
  • 3x Bad decision pixie


Villains in Paris

Hey guys! I have some good and bad news! Good news is, I'm in Paris! Bad news is, I've been arrested!

Objective: Build and donate 20 Cop Enforcers


Mega Battle


Objective: Build and donate more Cop Enforcer

Mega Rewards

Cop Enforcers Cash Donuts
3000 5000 Cash 3000 Donut
2250 2000 Cash 2000 Donut
1250 1000 Cash 2000 Donut
750 500 Cash 1000 Donut
300 150 Cash 200 Donut
120 80 Cash 100 Donut
36 40 Cash 50 Donut
5 10 Cash 15 Donut

Special Workers

Daily Rewards

Past Events

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