Story: 2017 is soon! Everyone is already celebrating but Mr. Coffee went missing after last night's party! We need to find him before something bad happens!

Going Out Where ? 

Err, mein freund, I don't remember what happened yesterday! Ve need to find Mr. Coffee and fast!

Objective: Build and donate 1 Berliner Wagon


Baby's Got Our Back 

WAAH! WAAH! You meanies stole my ice-cream yesterday! You better give it back!

Objective: Build and donate 5 Vessel Ice Cream


Highway to Help 

Hey, I think I found some of Mr. Coffee's stuff! We should probably pick it up before others do!

4x Boxing GlovesObjective: Collect Mr. Coffee's stuff:

  • 2x Coffee Belt

Win race to collect items. Race: Ice Ice Baby. Loot: Mr. Coffee's Stuff

Cars Available:


Casino Swag Y'all 

DUDE! Seems like I won a car yesterday in the casino! Whaddya say we go check out there?

5x Casino chipsObjective: Collect items:

  • 3x Loaded dices
  • 1x Cards

Build and sell some Gold Tycoons to get items.


The Raptor Shaman

So you say you lost your memories? I can help with that! . . . Provided you can pay me of course!

8x Fire TotemObjective: Find Spiritual Items:

  • 4x Peace Pipe
  • 2x Dino Snacks

Build and sell some Soul Van to get items.



You wanna know what happened yesterday? Okay, here's your answer: PARTY FOREVER!!

Fight: Spiritual Quest (10 [13]). Loot: Memories.Objective: Discover your past in battle !


  • 12x Plane ticket
  • 6x Hyperactive sode
  • 3x Bad decision pixie


Villains in Paris

Hey guys! I have some good and bad news! Good news is, I'm in Paris! Bad news is, I've been arrested!

Objective: Build and donate 20 Cop Enforcers


Mega Battle


Objective: Build and donate more Cop Enforcer

Mega Rewards

Cop Enforcers Cash Donuts
3000 5000 [18] 3000 [19]
2250 2000 [20] 2000 [21]
1250 1000 [22] 2000 [23]
750 500 [24] 1000 [25]
300 150 [26] 200 [27]
120 80 [28] 100 [29]
36 40 [30] 50 [31]
5 10 [32] 15 [33]

Special Workers

Daily Rewards

Past Events