There are 4 types of drag race, each will allow you to use different cars. To improve your chances at winning, you can upgrade your favorite car's horse power (and thus speed) by building many of it.

The best way to accelerate is to wait with shifting up as late as possible - meaning when the arrow is "just" a few pixels in the red.

Another race mode is GrandPrix.


The available cars will vary per quest. If you're having trouble beating a quest with the best car in the list, upgrade it to the second stage kit by building 10 or more of that car to increase it's Horse Power.

Racing Cars

The other three types are "vs friends". Horse Power is a big factor in these. Winning will give you your friend's wager.

Name Race Min HP Max HP
Bendy Coupe 50 Coin 40 79
Shark-E 50 Coin 60 84
Bendy Suv 50 Coin 65 89
Bendy Sedan 50 Coin 70 94
Green Tempest 50 Coin 185 209
Blue Devil 1 Cash 310 374
Magnolia Turbo 1 Cash 325 379
Berliner Race Car 1 Cash 335 384
Berliner Rally 1 Cash 345 389
Green Comet 1 Cash 360 419
Berliner Drift King 2 Cash 750 999
Legran GT24 2 Cash 777 1,096
Peaks Race Car 2 Cash 780 1,146
Hybrid Stunt Car 2 Cash 795 1,195
Green Devil 2 Cash 1,240 1,348
Green Mangust 2 Cash 1,250 1,398

Note: Racing events such as King Of Racing and Vegas Battle may have additional rewards for winning. Such as 2-8 Donut, a few thousand Coin, a random Item and sometimes a Mystery Card.