Research is split into three areas: Car, Factory, Shop.

Each improves the options for that area


Tier Name Coin Cost Time Description Needed to unlock
Electric Engine
Electric Engine 400 30s Unlock electric cars at the factory. Makes the planet a greener place. Shark-E
Turbo Compressor
Turbo Compressor 600 15m Unlock cars equipped with Turbo. Increase performance and lower emission. Bendy Turbo, Bendy Suv Rally
Down Sizing
Down Sizing 2,500  24m Allows to produce smaller and more efficient cars. Reduced to the minimum. Artie Micro
Aluminum Frame
Aluminum Frame 3,400 32m30s Allows to build car with aluminum body frame. Creates lighter / sportier car. Magnolia Sport
V8 engine
V8 Engine 4,500 42m V8 engine produce much more sportier car, with higher power output. Magnolia Sport, Devorok Pick Up
Carbon Panel
Carbon Panel 7,000 1h30m Dramatically reduces the weight, allowing to produce racing cars. Peaks Race Car, Legran GT24
V12 Engine
V12 Engine 7,500 1h36m V12 engine unlocks very powerful and elegant sport cars. Legran V12
Rally Technology
Rally Technology 8,000 1h42m Unlocks car able to participate in Rally Championship. Devorok Rally
Space Technology
Space Technology 35,000 4h Provides ultra advanced technology for future vehicles. Moon Buggy
Self Driving
Self Driving 28,000 5h Unlock driverless vehicles. Car that can think and move on their own. Desert Drone
Hydrogen Engine
Hydrogen Engine 32,000 6h Hydrogen Engine, emitts zero emission and can use water a a fuel. Magnolia Hydrogen
V10 Engine
V10 Engine 500,000 8h Allows to build V10 engine, lighter than V12, more power than V8. A good compromise. Legran V10
HoverCraft 750,000 9h Allows to build flying vehicles. It's the FUTURE !! Legran Project 88
Jet Engine
Jet Engine 1M 10h When Thrust is an issue, use a JET ENGINE ! Rocket Hot Rod
20mm cannon
20mm cannon 3M 24h Allows to start military vehicles production. Tank FOX ONE
Thermic Shield
Thermic Shield 10M 48h Allows vehicles to exit and return earth atmosphere. Space Shuttle
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty 7M 48h Super resistant steel and high output diesel technologies to unlock heavy duty vehicles. Bulldozer
Ethanol Engine
Ethanol Engine 7.5M 48h Unlock production of powerful ethanol vehicles such as dragsters. HotRod Dragster
Classic Department
Classic Department 5M 48h Rediscovery of old building method, allows to recreate glory from the past. Great Catsby
Racing Department
Racing Department 3M 24h Special division that unlock hardcore competition vehicles. Ruby Racer
Active Aerodynamism
Active Aerodynamism 15M 48h Improve vehicles shape to reduce emission and increase speed. Speed Shuttle
Rolling Ball
Rolling Ball 30M 48h Allows the construction of round-shaped cars. P-Ball
Extra Polish
Extra Polish 90M 96h Unlock glossy cars. Oooh shiny. Legran Liberty


  • Many of the cars require more than just completing the research to unlock. See each car's page for full details on how to unlock it.


Tier Name Coin Cost Time Description
Taylorism 200 20m Allows 3 employees to work on the same car. Increase building speed.
High Voltage Robot
High voltage Robot 400 25m Increase carriage speed by 20%, reduce dead time during manufacturing.
Special Tools
Special Tools 500 30m Build 2 first steps at the same time. Reduce number of orders to give.
Fordism 1,200 54m Allows 4 employees to work on the same car. Increase productivity.
Power Rail
Power Rail 1,450 1h5m Increase carriage speed by 30%, reduce dead time during manufacturing.
Rational Engineering
Rational Engineering 2,000 1h24m Build 3 first steps at the same time.
Shift Rotation
Shift Rotation 7,500 1h30m Allows 5 employees to work on the same car. Increase motivation.
AntiCollision Detector
AntiColision Detector 8,000 1h52m Increase carriage speed by 50%, maintain acceptable safety.
Spatial Optimization
Spatial Optimization 10,000 2h16m Build 2 body panels at the same time. Increase quality.
Quality Group
Quality Group 15,000 3h24m Allows 6 employees to work on the same car.
Carriage Ceramic Brakes
Carriage Ceramic Brakes 16,500 3h54m Increase carriage speed by 70% while keeping it safe.
Monoblock Frame
Monoblock Frame 20.000 5h Build 3 body panel at the same time. Increase efficiency.
Autonomous Group
Autonomous Group 25,000 8h Allows 7 employees on a car. It highly increases quality and efficiency.
Inertial Damper
Inertial Damper 35,000 12h36m Increase carriage speed by 90%, reduce dead time during manufacturing.
Smart Axle
Smart Axle 38,000 26h24m Build front and rear axle + exhaust at the same time.
Safety Fart
Safety Fart 500,000 41h40m Reduce Smell of Fart by 100% avoiding nearby employees to collapse
Rest Room
Rest Room 1M 48h Allows employees to go on a rest. work can be resumed at any time.
BrotherHood 1M 48h Allows 8 employees on a car. It highly increases quality and efficiency.
Pirates Hygiene
Pirates Hygiene 1M 48h Allows 4 employees to work on the same chest. Increase your odds to open it!
Thin Paint Coat
Thin Paint Coat 1M 48h Reduce Paint WP by 15%. Increase production speed !
9 Workers
Workers Guild 50M 96h Allows 9 workers on a car. It highly increases quality and efficiency.
Oiled Up Rails
Oiled Up Rails 90M 96h Increases carriage speed by 100%. It's more or less safe.


Tier Name Coin Cost Time Description
Winter Pack
Winter Pack 1,000 4m Allows to equip car with heated seat, steering wheels and clim control.
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator 1,500 5m Allows up to 6 workers on the same construction site.
Web Advertising
Web Advertising 1,500 6m Increase building frequentation, and reduce collection time by 5%.
Led Interior
Led Interior 800 18m00s Customer controlled interior lighting. People will love it !
Talkie Walkie
Talkie Walkie 1,250 23m50s Allows up to 7 workers on the same construction site.
Titanium Cash Desk
Titanium Cash Desk 3,500 45m00s Increase shop cash desk capacity by 10%.
Sport Options
Sport Options 2,400 1h36m00s Unlock 3 new options, carbon dash, ceramic brakes and carbon seats.
Team Spirit
Team Spirit 2,500 1h47m40s Allows up to 8 workers on the same construction site.
Loyalty Card
Loyalty Card 3,500 2h0m00s Increase shop revenue by 20% and reduce collect time by 10%.
Driving Assist
Driving Assist 8,500  3h48m00s  Unlock 3 new options, Auto Parking, Voice Assist, and Self-Driving.
Secret Handshake
Secret HandShake 10,000 4h20m00s  Allows up to 9 workers on the same construction site
E-Shop 18,000 5h8m20s  Increase shop revenue by 30% and reduce collection time by 20%
Gold Plating
Gold Plating 1M 48h00s Unlock Gold Plating Option. Some customer really want to shine.
Coach 450,000 18h00s Allows up to 10 workers on the same construction site.
Super AI
Super A.I. 100M 96h Unlocks 2 new options: Auto Brakes and Ejection Seat.
Super Sales
Super Sales 45M 48h Reduce building collection time by 40%