The Rest Room research allows you to send employees to the Rest Room. You can unlock it by Researching or having 12 workers if at least 1 of them is Elite Engineer. Employees in the Rest Room cannot be used to build cars or buildings and must be taken out of there if needed.


This is especially useful if you have many low level employees that you don't want to use anymore or just leave lying on the floor.


Research Cost - 1,000,000 Coin

Research Time - 48 Hours

The Rest Room can be accessed, after being researched under the sixth tier of the factory tab in the Research screen, from Employee's menu.

Sending an employee who is out of stamina to the Rest Room, and then sending him back to work does not restore his stamina. You would still need to feed him a donut.

The Rest Room is currently bugged in that, if you take a worker that is currently working and send him (or her) to the Rest Room, the worker will continue to work (albeit invisible) and Stamina for the worker will continue to deplete until it hits zero.

Rest Room is a researched product, It is found under the sixth tier of the factory tab in the Research screen.

Image Name Coin Costs Research time Information
Rest Room
Rest Room 1M 48h Allows employees to go on a rest. work can be resumed at any time.

Also see: Research.

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