Scary Motors - Main
Halloween is upon us, and it's time to party! Entertain your guests through the night, but beware: not everything always goes as planned!

What does this special night holds for you? Time to find out!

Stage 1: Mission #1

Scary Motors - Stage 1
The Manor is ready, but you need to bring in your guests! Build Berliner Donks to fetch them!

Objective: Build and Donate 3 Berliner Donk


Stage 2: Mission #2

Scary Motors - Stage 2
Most boring party ever! Let's spread some happiness! How about some Road Lions ?

Objective: Build and Donate 3 Road Lion

Build and sell some Berliner Donk to get parts.

  • 1 Engine
  • 1 Frame
  • 1 Panel
  • 2 Wheels


Stage 3: Mission #3

Scary Motors - Stage 3
Oh no, La Mort is here and wants to cause some trouble! Don't let it ruin your party!


Scary Motors - Stage 3 Items
  • Collect 1 Coffin
  • Collect 3 Skulls
  • Collect 2 Golden Teeth

Fight: New guests (5 Donut). Loot: Halloween Items


Stage 4: Mission #4

Scary Motors - Stage 4
You made La Mort sad on its birthday ! Maybe a gift could cheer it up? How about La Calèche ?

Objective: Build and Donate 3 La Calèche

Build and sell some Road Lion to get parts.

  • 1 Engine
  • 2 Frame
  • 3 Panel
  • 4 Wheel


Stage 5: Mission #5

Scary Motors - Stage 5
La Mort used the distraction to take all your stuff ! Don't let it get away!

Scary Motors - Stage 5 Items
  • Collect 6 Plants
  • Collect 3 Medallions
  • Collect 2 Lanterns

Race: Halloween Robbery. Loot: Your Cars Stuff

Cars Available:


Final Stage: Mission #6

Scary Motors - Final Stage
If we get enough compromising items we can blackmail La Mort into giving us plans for a new car!

Objective: Build and donate 3 Ghost Mobile
Scary Motors - Final Stage Items

Build and sell some La Calèche to get parts.

  • 1 Underwear
  • 2 Dress
  • 3 Picture
  • 4 Pendant


Mega Battle: Mission #7

Scary Motors - Mega Battle
We need more Ghost Mobiles to make this night as spooky as possible! Happy Halloween!

Objective: Build and Donate more Ghost Mobile

Reward: 10 Cash to 3,500 Cash and 100 Donut to 3,500 Donut depending on rank.

Special Workers

Past Events

  • None

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