Your Cars can be upgrade to perform better and provide you with better profits by upgrading them.

You can find the car's stage progress in the Collection list and clicking the upgrade button.

To reach each Stage kit you must build a certain number of the same car. Alternatively, you can pay Cash to skip the requirements for unlocking that particular stage.

Stage kit Cars needed Profit increase Cash unlock
Stage kit 1 1 +0% n/a
Stage kit 2 10 +10% 15 Cash
Stage kit 3 25 +25% 30 Cash
Stage kit 4 100 +50% 50 Cash

Note: The car stage kit "profit increase" applies to all cars of that type you currently have for sale.

Example: If you create 9 cars they could be for sale at 1,000 Coin each. After building the 10'th car "all" 9 cars including the 10'th one you built will be for sale at the new +10% sale price. Meaning 1,100 Coin or more after quality check increase.

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