Hello everyone,

This is my first blog.  Not really sure why I am doing it.  Partially because I am bored while building the Army Bugs in the HAMMER Academy (Type 2) event, partially to help out new users if they see it, and partially to get another badge.

So let me start off by saying welcome to my blog. I used to play this game almost all day every day when I was new, but I have been playing it for about 20 months, and I have to say this is probably the longest I have ever played a single game without uninstalling it. I am at about 959 Donuts in my bar. I will make it to 1,000 someday in the near future, and after that, I don't know what else to do. I have almost all of the cars I can unlock. There are a few that need more races, but the Grans Prix is a little buggy for me, so it is hard to get more online victories. The other cars are from mystery cars, or collecting parts, but they have never appears in events or mystery cards.

Hopefully they are able to bring out some new events or new features to bring this game back to life. When I started, the first even I finished was the Lost Santa event back in 2014. I finished the event, and thought that I just didn't get anything because I barely finished. I ended up getting in 2,011 place, and only the top 2,000 received rewards. After that, I learned more how to play the events, and started to get workers from events and Adventure Mode. I tried to catch up to players like Phantom Skyfire and Token Page, but they were too far out of my league at the time.

I have a tablet that I use as my information device, and this is known in some circles as "Keylan's Magic Tablet(TM)" I have been using it for a long time to take a look at some of the coding of the events and workers to get resources and info for the events and the worker pages. This is how we get most of the data for the "Pay for" workers without paying for them. This tablet is one that I rarely ever use to play, as I don't want to cheat and kick people out of getting their rewards.

If anyone wants to join the mobile chat, be sure to look through the Mobile Chat link to see how to gain access.

Well, That's enough for the first blog. Enjoy the game everyone.

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