Zombie Joe's fast food empire is being attacked by zombies who are tired of being used as ingredients! Help him defend his business and you will be rewarded!

Note: This Event is only playable on iOS and Android versions 1.7500 and above.

Minimum level for event is 112 :)

Stage 1: To the ZFC!!

Mein Freund! I have been summoned by Zombie Joe to his headquarters! Can you please take me zere!



Stage 2: Dinner of the Dead

So many zombies.. ve need to clear a path!


Zombie Outbreak
  • Shoot 50 Zombies


Stage 3: Brainstorming

Err.. zis is weird but Zombie Joe wants us to harvest ze zombie's brains along with the usual ingredients? But what for?


Event Item ZFC 3 Stage 2
  • Collect 1 Brain
  • Collect 1 Spleen


Stage 4: Forbidden Recipe

Err.. let's just say ze breains were useful.. ve need to take this ingredient to the ZFC factory!


Zombie Outbreak
  • Shoot 200 zombies


  • 10 Cash
  • 10 Donut
  • 500,000 Coin
  • 2 Mystery Cards

Stage 5: Race Of The Dead

Oh no! Zombie Racers have stolen our food! Ve need to catch them!


Event Item ZFC 3 Stage 3
  • Race to collect Hamburgers.


Stage 6: Undead Rising

It seems as if ze zombies are putting up a fight! How can we beat them if they’re already dead??


Event Item ZFC 3 Stage 4
  • Fight to Zombie Crowns.


Stage 7: Donuts On The Cake

Zombie Joe is proud of us, we can finally have our payment… Donuts! Tons of them! But how are we going to transport them?



  • 20 Cash
  • 20 Donut
  • 10,000,000 Coin
  • 5 Mystery Cards

Mega Battle: Infinite Donuts

More Donuts... grrrr... need more trucks!


Mega Rewards

Cars Cash Donuts Car
80 4000 Cash 2000 Donut Zombie Copter
40 1000 Cash 2000 Donut Zombie Copter
30 500 Cash 1000 Donut Zombie Copter
20 200 Cash 500 Donut
15 80 Cash 100 Donut
10 40 Cash 50 Donut

Special Workers

Event Cars

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